Fine Lady Source: darkandafro, via twirlmart) via

Fine Lady Source: darkandafro, via twirlmart) via

She couldn’t find sleep, better still, sleep couldn’t find her. She tossed from side to side, wondering how he could have done that. Told her to her face that he wasn’t ready for any commitment. He had given her a long list of things that he had to achieve, one of which was to attend his Ivy league University of choice. He was also yet to make his millions, he couldn’t have his wife hopping up and down buses or taking scary rides on okada.

She looked at him, turning her head sideways to her right, “Take a good look at me, do I look like someone who needs help with moving around?” Sensing that her voice was getting high due to the anger brewing in her, she lowered her voice and continued,

“This is my third car I am driving since I met you, I am not in need of your millions neither do I need you to buy me a car….thank God… but make it because we will need it to raise our future family not as a condition to get married!”

He looked at her and chuckled, in his mind he wondered if  she really did think that he would allow her to keep her cars. He would definitely take pride in buying her a car whenever they eventually got married. He knew she was aggravated and wondered why she was, she was his fine lady and he was going to marry her and no one else. Bringing the conversation to a close, he placed his right hand on her shoulder and drew her closer. In a low and seductive voice he whispered,

“You are my fine lady and nothing can separate us forever”.

That night, she had a dream…………………………………………