Pic. Courtesy: BlackMagic


Mo fe ko je bi ore o……..

Meaning I would like you to be my friend……(Translation in Yoruba Language)

I wonder what happens when friends quarrel

Is there a special code on resolution

What insults and curses are not allowed

What curses and insults are allowed

Is it best not to imagine there will ever be a quarrel?

Will wishing it away stop it from happening?

I guess I will just enjoy the moment and

Je ki a je bi ore (“Lets be friends”) (Translation in Yoruba Laguage)


*This is actually a song……The beginning starts as a male asking a lady to be “special friends” The picture shows text highlighting the plot of the male to capture the lady’s heart. The lady thinks about the whole friendship “thing” and finally decides to be his friend.* 

Yoruba Language is a language spoken in the West of Nigeria.