Conscience - Krithika Sathyamurthy

Conscience – Krithika Sathyamurthy

It’s been a while…… I haven’t written in weeks, months, I have questioned myself and asked if I had lost it and the fear of losing the zeal to write was as good as the thought of loosing my mind. No, I haven’t lost my mind thank God and the time I have spent thinking about loosing it and worrying about not being able to write has been time wasted again, not communicating my thots. I come out of that experience with a greater zeal to write and communicate my thots. I love to do this; which is writing and not writing is me feeling lost. Why then do I choose to feel lost? I really don’t have the answer, but I know that I am happy to be back, happy to be punching this keyboard. Even if no one has missed my reading my stories, I will continue to write, communicate my thots, share my ideas as I can’t stop dreaming, I can’t stop imagining. I have come to the realization that stopping is possible but detrimental to my well being.

I have been working on a novel for a period of time that I cannot reveal. I am happy to say that I have challenged myself to writing daily and completing the book shortly. The truth is that the novel is already completed in my mind, I just need to pen it; this I will and I have decided that the themes of the story will be discussed periodically on my blog.

The book centers around faith, dreams, the shortcomings of humans, (which are several) and the period in one’s life that all one knows as the norm starts to be questioned. I hope that it will be a book that will touch lives and leave its readers in deep thot and thankful spirit of the space that all humans occupy.

….. thots by Abi……