I hear it all the time, at gatherings, especially with the elderly men and women, they say it in whispers, some hold a trumpet and announce to all ears. Sometimes I don’t hear it at all, but it whispers to me, even when I am alone, at night, during the day even at the break of dawn. Maybe I am imagining it, maybe it is just my imagination, whatever it is I cant wait to shake it off…………………….


job vacancy


“You should meet him”, he said sounding very confident and sure of himself. He went on, “He graduated from Oxford University top of his class, he is very good-looking, highly articulate”, and then he gave me eye contact for the first time since he started talking and said, “He is also a great dresser”.

All the while he went on, I wondered if he had mistaken me for some recruiter, first I never mentioned to him that I had added recruiting as a hobby, I also didn’t remember telling him I could help with placing anyone job wise. So biting my tongue to desist from insulting a grown man old enough to be my father, I replied,

“Well, I am glad to hear that this gentleman  is highly impressionable but with all what you have highlighted, I havent heard you mention that he is nice, kind, good-natured or likes helping people”, He stared at me and looked at me strangely, as if I had spoken a foreign language that he needed some time to translate, after a weird moment of silence, he said,

“Well, that goes without saying”, and he raised his hands up shaking them slightly like he was dusting off sugar or salt. I was a bit disappointed, looking at him in his white medical overall, I wondered if his intelligence was selective or he was just one of “those people”. Yes, one of the clan of people who equate intelligence to kindness, the same clan that takes delight in equating the calibre of a man’s manhood to the fatness of his paycheck.

Biting my tongue and lips simultaneously, I replied him, “well doc. it doesn’t go without saying, these are the virtues that would endear me to this character you speak highly about. I would like to meet a man who wouldn’t throw his paycheck at me or flaunt his achievements.

He looked at me funny, smiled and said, “Little girl, all dogs eat shit, the only ones caught are those that don’t clean their mouths”