Illustration by Kesley Brookes

Illustration by Kesley Brookes

Special thanks to!!!!!!!!!! She nominated me for “Make My Day Award and I am grateful and delighted to know that I make her day!!

I’m still learning things about myself and have answered these questions as innocently as possible. Please find below answers to her questions!

1) Why do you blog?
 Because I love to write, been writing a novel for five years in my head. Now I am penning it and it is taking forever. In between writing it I blog!
2) If you were trapped on a desert island, what book, DVD, food, cartoon character, and childhood game would you bring?
A pen, lots of paper and a Bible so if I don’t get out i pray my way to Heaven! and if i do, my book will be completed!
Food – Fried Plantain… always…..; Cartoon Character – Tom n Jerry
Childhood game – Ludo, Scrabble; DVD – 3 IDIOTS
4) What is your favourite thing about your self?
That I care
5) What one word best describes you?
I’d like to think that I’m observant.
6) If you could have a lifetime supply of any candy/candy bar, what would it be?
7) What fictional character do you relate to most?
Arewa – a character in my upcoming novel…. don’t worry you will meet her soon!
8) If you were to write the story of your life, what would you call it?
The Dreamer Girl


And last but not least nominate 8 of your favourite blogs. I will go ahead and do so!