Waje                            Pic Credit: www.bellanaija.com

Waje                                                                                                                                                  Pic Credit: http://www.bellanaija.com


She wanted to give him a slap, a dirty one at that. On a second thought, she thought she might just double that and make it two dirty slaps. They would be dished with pain and served with tears, her tears. She would tell him how he had crushed her soul. How he had left her dreams shattered, how she had drained and lost herself all in the bid of loving him. She would tell him how that singular action had turned her into a broken spirit, a bitter woman and a vindictive lover.

He had turned her into a bitter woman, her heart was now half stone and half human, she wished she had turned her back on that burning desire to have him as hers, wished she had left him long ago when she realised that he was after her for her voluptuous size. This was very much obvious when he had warned her not to lose any more weight, forgetting to ask why she was shrinking, neglecting to see the fact that she shrunk from the weight of the realisation of the fact that she had wasted her time loving him. She once longed for his sweet embrace and caress but now that voice brought sadness and misery to her, his touch more like thorns, bruising her not only physically but emotionally. She had to hurry and leave him as she could feel the holes getting larger and the need to heal. If only wishes were horses………………………….



This story is inspired by this song by a Nigerian artiste called Waje…….. Please watch her soulful live performance below…….