I am from a Country of great resources and potentials with the appearance of having a stunted growth. I am from a Country that has witnessed oppression in all forms and nature. I am from a Country of great men and women believing in change while suffering and smiling. Always saying “E go beta” meaning “Things will get better”.

I am from a Country where men in politics and corridors of power are the same names I have heard since I was a kid. Clinging on to power and the Nation’s resources publicly and shamelessly.

I am from the once called “Giant of Africa”, where some people elect statesmen based on the meaning of their names and others contest for and win same positions repeatedly on account of their encounters with “angels”.

I am from a Country where the people are resilient, making names of themselves, through hard work and decent living, a Country with people of great honour and pride, dignity and integrity. A Country that inspires, makes you appreciate the joy of living, where people laugh and dance regardless of how fat or slim their wallets maybe. The People of my Country consist of great people, some of them maintaining their sanity while others have longed compromised.

This Country inspires me, this Country strengthens me, my Country gives me hope. Hope for tomorrow, hope for today, I am ……………………………………….. and you are?

*This is inspired by a song called “Bastard”. *********Explicit Lyrics********It is a song I heard over the radio in Lagos and I just can’t get it out of my head. It is a reflection of the situation at home. The artistes are Ikon, BlackMagic and a mysterious third wise man…….. Please enjoy the lyrical video….. 🙂  🙂