Black Diva - Pic Credit divalocity via

Black Diva – Pic Credit divalocity via

He watched as she walked pass him. The breeze suddenly changed, he felt like he was in a trance. She had an elegance about her, a graceful waltz, funny thing was that she was oblivious to the effect that she had on him. She stopped to talk to a friend, for a second he felt jealous of the fact that someone else had caught her attention. If only she could be my friend he thought, he knew deep down in his heart he wanted more from her but a friendship would do for a start and he would work his way into her heart, her dreams and her whole being. “Damn!” he muttered to himself, she had turned back and seen him staring at her, exactly what he didn’t want, for her to know he was half stalking half starring and fully in love or lust with her.

She had felt the star burning deep at her back and she had subconsciously turned back  to wonder who was staring, it was the same burn she felt a couple of days before. There it was, it was him again! she looked at him and this time she smiled back, she almost waved at him but she successfully fought the urge. The same chocolate complexioned guy, his skin was smooth and shiny, she could almost lick this huge chocolate candy. He just stared back at her, almost motionless. She wanted to reach out to him, wondered what his voice sounded like, she was getting lost in the lustful thought of those big muscular chest against hers; embarrassingly lost in her gaze, she swiftly turned back to her friend but her mind was still with the chocolate skin guy, he had her but didn’t even know it. As she looked at her friend, she watched her lips move up and down but her mind was on the black chocolate candy she had taken her eyes off, she wanted to taste a piece of him. Still mesmerized, she wondered if this feeling was an aftermath of a Blackmagic experience…………. it was simply bliss……..

Blackmagic - Repete (Plenty) Pic Credit:

Blackmagic – Repete (Plenty)                                                                                                 Pic Credit:




Please click on the link  above to enjoy the song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  🙂  🙂

This short story was inspired by this song, I’m a huge fan of Blackmagic, and I had to spread the word….. the song is in Yoruba, (which is one of the languages spoken by the Nigerian people, mostly in the Western part of Nigeria) and English Language. He says in the chorus,

“Mo fe ki o je bi ore”  Meaning, “I want you to be like a friend”

He actually wants more than friendship, but the comparison “like” is an indication that he is ready to settle for that having expressed the desire for more than that…………… Enjoy…….