Nigeria We Hail Thee – Jide Alakija

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I am back home. Been away for two months, two long months, the longest I have been away from my home base. I enjoyed every bit of my time away, from the long hours I spent in the mad traffic, to the times I went in search for fuel (In an oil-producing Country). To the days that I marvelled at the disorganised chaos in every aspect of life; I enjoyed every bit of it though, after all it is my home Country.

I am inspired, highly motivated and my strength is renewed. For every time I turn on the switch and the light comes on I am grateful. For every time I need to buy fuel and I drive into the gas station and fill up my tank I am grateful. In the spirit of thanksgiving, with a grateful heart I am and will remain grateful.

I come back with an enhanced taste bud for Nigerian music. Growing into a fan of musicians like Iyanya, Waje, Ajebutter22, Ice Prince Zamani, BlackMagic, Brymo, Lynxx and my all time fav, ThreeWiseMen!!!!!!

My write ups will be infused with their music and my experiences. I will also talk more about them as the days go by. I am more than inspired to complete my novel which has been in the making for five years. It has been completed in my head but I will pen it as the days progress God willing. Two shades darker with a stronger hustling mentality I look forward to sharing lots more with you all.

I am grateful for all the love and support from friends and family. I am missing this now…… 😦

Happy Thanksgiving All!!!!!!!!!

Keep Pushin by Ryan Bubnis

Keep Pushin by Ryan Bubnis