Aerial View of Lagos by Jide Alakija

Pic Credit: Jide Alakija


Today is the Independence day for Nigeria. The Federal Republic of Nigeria gained its independence from United Kingdom on Oct. 1 1960. Nigeria has an extensive history that I will inform you about in small doses, this being that I am also learning about the history behind the textbook history….. I am reaching out to the historians and custodians of culture….. please bear with me….. Being 3:26am here, there is not much to share about the independence day celebration … I will share those with you later…..

I am still in Lagos and as promised, I will bring you Lagos through my eyes. It has been an interesting experience for me and I have had to sit and think about the many faces of Lagos that I had forgotten or should I say chosen to apply selective memory. I am happy to be home, to see my family and friends and well wishers. I have decided that I will comment positively about my sights, observations and experiences, some of which have included being at a guest at a friend’s home and the cook refused to leave my side until I told him what I wanted to have served; in this instance, water was not enough to entertain me with! Such is the example of the warmth of reception I have received mostly from my friends and family. It could be quite overwhelming and sometimes annoying but with the understanding of the sentiments behind such actions, I have adjusted quickly, I pray that my waistline doesn’t do the same! 🙂

I have also spent hours in traffic, Lagos State is a highly populous State and the center of commerce for Nigeria. Lagos is a very busy  State where people from all over Nigeria reside. The city buzzes with activities every minute of the day, most of its residents are resilient and everyone is constantly looking for a way to make ends meet, otherwise known as hustling. In my previous post, I talked about Okada drivers without explaining into details what this mode of transportation is, please accept my sincere apologies. I have decided to use the lens of Jide Alakija, Bayo Omoboriowo and Gbenga Awomodu, who are excellent photographers and have done a great job capturing sights of, around and about Lagos. With this Re- introduction of Lagos, I will proceed with other posts, hopefully soon…… carrying you along with the terms and terminology of Lagos….. please enjoy……

An Overloaded Okada Driver

This is a mode of transportation that is fast and effective but not for the faint hearted! This mode of commuting has been banned in certain areas due to the recklessness of most of the drivers. As efficient as it is, it is equally very dangerous as the drivers breeze in and out of lanes regardless of cars and trucks in motion.

Commercial Motorcycle Ban from Lagos State Govt. Webpage   Pic. Credit:

KeKe Marwa By Bayo Omoboriowo

Pic Credit: Bayo Omoboriowo

This mode of transportation is called Keke Marwa…. a commercial tri- cyclist that is equally as dangerous as the Okada but serves a high number of Lagos residents. Its name, “Keke Marwa” means Marwa’s bicycle, or tri – cycle because it was first used as a mode of transportation during Former Governor Marwa’s tenure, who was once a Military Governor of Lagos State.

Jibowu Bus Stop by Bayo Omoboriowo

Jibowu Bus Stop by Bayo Omoboriowo

Pic Credit:

This is a bus stop for the commercial buses otherwise known as “danfo“…………


Please enjoy a poem I have written for Lagos…. one of several that will follow…. 🙂

ThiS Is Lagos

This is Lagos,there is no time for dulling

Enter your Car,strap your seat belt and start your car

Shine ya eyes, shine dem well well, Okada man dey for ya side

Slam ya brakes, you don reach pothole,

Match am well, match am well well, Keke Marwa no dey slack

Gbosa!, too late! danfo driver don hit ya back!!!!!! chei!!!

Frown ya face, go blow grama

This is Lagos, no time for dulling.

– thOTs by Abi


Interpretation In English


ThiS Is Lagos

This is Lagos, you need to be sharp!

Get into your car , strap on your seat belt with your eyes wide open

Open them very wide, there is a commercial cyclist on your side

Press on your brakes, Slam the pedal, there is a careless commercial tri cyclist on the loose!

Slam! you just got hit…  a commercial bus just hit your car! Oh No!

Put on a frowning face and speak Queens english

This is Lagos, you need to be alert!

ThOts by Abi


*Dulling means Lack of attention to detail or not being alert*



Lagos at Nite

Pic Credit:


I love my Lagos!!!!! Eko o ni baje o….. o baje ti!!!!!