All Pic Credit: Lagos Finest via Facebook




I am currently on a project in Lagos State Nigeria, my home Country . It has been an interesting experience residing in one of the most populous cities in the West of Africa. Nigeria, is a Country in the west of Africa formerly known as the “Giant of Africa”. I actually grew up in this interesting city some years ago and the experience is one that words cannot express. Having lived in other Countries in my young adult life for some years, I look back in retrospect and I actually appreciate every good and bad experience I had growing up in Lagos.

Lagos, fondly known as Las Gidi or Gidi town will always be home. Eko, as the Yorubas refer to it will always be my home, despite the crazy commercial drivers, suicidal okada drivers dashing in and out of cars in motion and little or no electric supply. It is still home, my home.

My stories and poems for a couple of weeks from now will reflect sights and sounds of Gidi Land. So it is safe to say that I will be under the influence of Lagos!

Please stay tuned as i share my experience. “Eko o ni baje o!!!”, translated as “Lagos will not spoil!!!!! interpreted as, “May Lagos Continue to Grow”.