Flying Car – Seth Armstrong

The day was cool, it was a regular busy day on Riversmith road, a typical day meaning that the road side kiosks were blasting a mixed blend of the current music which varied from calypso to hip pop and reggae.  The music was loud and to a stranger could have sounded chaotic but to the regular residents and passersby of Riversmith road, it was a regular cool day. Cole walked down the food court, which was in the center of space between two separate stores. The sun was shinning brightly, not scorching hot but just enough to brighten up the day and inspire a regular jobless but busy lad like Cole.

The smell of curried rice, jerk chicken, coconut rice and all other types of food coming from the food court was too tempting for Cole to ignore. Reluctantly, he walked towards the food stand, where Mama T, the sole owner of the food court stood, a middle-aged Afro Caribbean lady, who was always an eye candy, she dressed to the nines everyday, today, she had on a leopard print jumpsuit with a black silk blouse over it, knotted at the waist. As Cole approached the stand, he looked at her admiringly, she was attending to a customer, unaware of Cole’s admiring gaze. She served the food while her two assistants stood beside her, one to the left handing over cutlery and plates and the other to the right, handling payments at the till. God did take his time creating these women he thought. Cole had no money on him but hadn’t eaten in over twenty-four hours and his stomach was rumbling. He needed to put some food in his stomach and as he stood in line for his turn to be served, he wondered what lie he would have to tell to gain their sympathy, the last time he had lied that someone had jumped him and stolen all his money. Luckily Mama T wasnt at the stand on that faithful day and the two ladies had served him generously, almost twice the normal portion and all he did was flash his signature smile and walked away briskly. Today, he wasnt sure what lie to tell, while cracking his brain, he heard his friend, Scary Joe call him,

“Cole! ” Scary Joe yelled.

As soon as Cole heard the voice, he knew that Scary Joe would talk about some wacky scheme again. Upset that he would destroy his only chance for a decent meal, Cole ignored his friend and kept looking forward trying to make eye contact with the ladies so he could start warming his way into their hearts. Tired from the strain of stretching his neck out from different angles in his bid to achieve some eye contact with the ladies, he decided to save all the effort for his turn in front of the ladies. Shortly after, he felt a tap on his right shoulder and turned to his right, he wasnt surprised to see Scary Joe, after all, he had heard him yelling out his name. Scary Joe was his friend from childhood. He was called Scary Joe because there was a  thick scar on his right cheek than spanned the length and breath of his cheek. He was good-looking man, about five foot and eight inches tall, weighing approximately two hundred and eighty pounds and Cole always learnt to tread softly due to his volatile temper and him being only half his size or less.

Scary Joe explained to Cole what the deal was; he explained that Curtis, the major marijuana dealer had given him some bales to deliver and he would need a driver for the vehicle. Scary Joe promised him a handsome pay after delivery which Cole figured would be enough to feed him for at least a week from food at the food court. He smiled as he walked into the driver’s side of the car, while Scary Joe walked in the passenger’s seat right beside Cole. They chatted about politics, women, food and the last council meeting that they had attended hoping to get some job. As they approached a traffic light, Scary Joe brought out a wrap from his front shirt pocket and as the lights turned green, he lit the wrap.

Cole was infuriated, “Why you gonna light up that wrap when you know the smell gonna attract the cops?” He asked his friend, who looked at him and just turned away,

“You need to get a job, yea that’s what you need , you aint worked in three weeks and you get a damn easy job and all that’s making you cry is me lighting a wrap!” Scary Joe had initially replied calmly but ended the statement in a raised voice. He was upset with Coles attitude. Cole kept quiet and kept driving, hoping that they would get to their destination on time so he could leave his scary crazy friend, Joe. After about five minutes of silence, Scary Joe passed Cole the rest of the wrap he had been smoking and Cole took it without hesitation. Just two drags was all it took and he could feel the steering wheel reduce in size under his grip and then he felt the car gravitating towards the sky! as the car went higher, he took his hands off the wheels, marvelled at how the car was suddenly flying. High and dazed, he closed his eyes in an attempt to capture moment unaware of the fact that car was heading straight into the lagoon.