Overwhelming First Supernatural Encounter by Ben Kehoe


He was tired, exhausted more like, his plan had been to go to bed as soon as he got home but then his stupid dog decided to go missing. Max had gone missing again. It wasnt the first, second or third time his dog would go missing, it was the umpteenth time!. He yelled his name all through the house, “Max!, Max!” and there was no answer. He checked in the closets and under the tables and chairs, the game room, gym, everywhere and he was just no where in sight. Ben took a glance at the lounge chair and he just felt like jumping into it but he cautioned himself, one dive into it would send him sleeping till the next day. He could hear the winds blowing through the roof of his house. The rains would soon come pouring in and Ben feared that Max had gone playing outside for way too long and the rain would beat him. Grabbing a flashlight and his house keys, Ben stepped outside his house towards the back where there was a lot of grass and good space for his dog to play, hopefully he would find him there. He had found him there several times before, but that was ages ago he thought and then he had a rush of fear grip him as he wondered if this time Max was gone for good.

As he walked to the back of his house, he wondered if this was some kind of pay back for all the things that some other people would have considered evil or mean. He had a lot of bills to pay so he had to take up several characters to get his check in. As a consultant for different companies, his job was to cut down the cost of operations and he always did a fantastic job. He had however developed a habit of doing it excessively that he delivered without consideration or empathy for the various individuals involved. The other day a client had suggested a lay off for a third of their staff with some compensation and he had suggested laying them off with a tenth of the initial suggested compensation. He saved the client a lot of money and caused the newly unemployed a lot of grief. He received several hate mails and didn’t really have a lot of friends but he didn’t care. As long as the checks kept coming in and he was able to pay his bills he really didn’t care.

That was his attitude towards his job until his secretary had come into work earlier in the day, teary eyed and told him that she felt that she was getting a lot of negative energy working for him. With tears flowing freely she had told him that she had seen a psychic who had told her that her future would get more doomed the longer she continued working for him. In her emotional state, she had revealed that she had four miscarriages while working for him and she did so every time he sealed a huge contract and saved other people loads of money and then she switched. From her teary eyed vulnerable stage, she screamed and raised her hands up in the air with all the papers falling out of the several files that she had been holding, it had come out as a loud shrill, hurting his eardrums and he raised up both hands to the sides of his head to cover his ears. He stared at her and couldn’t stop looking as she looked like a wild woman and for the first time in a long while, he felt a sense of empathy, something he had buried deeply at the back of the corners of his heart. He felt pity for her, he could tell she was grieving. His typical self would have reached for his phone and called security but he didn’t, instead, he found himself trying to reach for her to console her but as he attempted to step forward towards her, she stepped back; with tears in her eyes, she said in a voice heavy laden with anger, sorrow and regret,

“Dont you bring your bad luck any further, I am not going to share your ill luck anymore, I will not be a part of your evil deeds, I am a good person and your evil aura will not stain mine. I am leaving and never coming back” She turned and walked away, grabbed her purse and car keys she walked towards the door. As she got to the door, she looked back and said to him,

“Take a look around you, how many friends do you still have?, You come to work and you go home, in this office complex, people build relationships and grow their businesses, you grow enemies and destroy the relationships that you ever had. Do you know that tables turn?” At this point, he was scared, not scared that she would hurt him but scared that he was truly what she had said and a lot more. He was evil and slowly becoming everything that he had once loathed.

Ben had been carried away by his thoughts and he had walked too far into the little forest behind his house. He stopped and could see that the little forest was no longer a forest but thick bush. He looked all around him and he was standing right in the middle of a circle, worse still, he heard sounds like drops of rain but rather than him getting wet, all he could see were balls of fire falling on the trees around him, and not a single drop landing on him. He tried to yell out Max’s name and there was no sound coming out of his mouth. He looked all around and wasn’t certain if this was a nightmare or reality. What made it much worse was the fact that he didn’t know how to get out of the circle he found himself. He raised up his hands to protect himself from the balls of fire falling all around him but soon found out that they weren’t falling anywhere near him. He turned around to look at the trees that the balls were falling on and there was nothing happening to the trees. He turned back and then saw that the whole bush was lit up, the balls had created a bright light for him to see clearly! This was unbelievable he thought and as he tried to make out where to go, a face appeared in the midst of the bush. It was a face he knew, he tried to look at the face but he couldn’t. The light towards the direction was shinning too brightly he couldn’t raise his face up, even with his face down he had to raise up his hands to protect him from the strong rays of light.