Boys and Girls Gymnasium by Ray Ferrer                          Pic Credit:

Amy was excited that she would finally bring all the children in her class to the gymnasium in the neighbourhood that she had grown up. There had been an exhibition scheduled in the hall just next to the Boys and Girls Club and she had practically begged the Head Teacher to allow the children have a view of her childhood sports club. Everyone at Sweet Valley Elementary knew how passionate Amy Thompson was about the kids in her class, some even teased her that she should hurry up and have hers so that the kids would stop getting choked with her love. She would smile and laugh it off, she wondered why making those kids her priority became an act so rare in recent times.

Amy Thompson looked at herself in the mirror, she looked pretty nice she thought, smart also she murmured to herself as she bent slightly to straighten a crease on her pencil skirt with her right hand while she held her hair brush on the left. She stood up straight after, adjusting her white Victorian blouse with fluted sleeves, she loved the blouse but the cut of the blouse made her look too serious. A bit undetermined, she toyed with the idea of changing her outfit for the third time that morning; before entertaining the thought any further, she glanced at her wristwatch, she was clearly running late!

“What the hell! ” she said out loud as she ran out of the bathroom, grabbed her purse from her dresser in her bedroom, dashed into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator, picked up her sandwich and sped to school. She got to work right on time. School commenced and she couldn’t wait for the time for the kids to hop on the bus for the art exhibition. She wasnt as excited about the exhibition as she was about the kids seeing the gymnasium that she had passed most of her time as a kid. It was there that she made her friends, most of whom were still in contact. She had her first crush there, her heart was broken right there in front of everyone in the gymnasium and shortly after, Ted, the geek of the club had called out her name while taking a nap!

Amy chuckled as these memories came to her mind. Now on the bus, she looked at the kids all giddy with excitement and expectation. What Amy did not know was that the gymnasium had been closed down for renovation. The renovation was not anytime soon as there weren’t sufficient funds to renovate the gym and it had been closed down as it was hazardous to the children that loved to spend their time there. After the exhibition, the bus rolled to the Boys and Girls Club as Amy directed the driver and the kids stepped out of the bus in a straight file, marched to the front of the building and there it was in red bold print, “CLOSED FOR REPAIRS” and there was a big chain and lock across the huge door that she had taken several pictures in front several years ago.

She stared at the door, then turned back and looked at the kids. Tears had welled up in her eyes and she was sad, unsure of what to tell the kids whose expectations were high about her childhood gymnasium.

-Thots Abi

**This is a fictional story inspired by a project that a large-hearted artist has taken on. His name is Ray Ferrer and he has embarked on a project to help renovate a Boys and Girls Gymnasium in CT. Please let us come together and support this cause so that boys and girls can have a place to have fond memories, develop their skills and enjoy being boys and girls. This is the link to the project ( and I hope we find it in our hearts to support this project and make some boys and girls happy. God bless the Children!!!**