City Lights

Let The Lights Lead You Home


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That happened weeks ago, before the national strike in her home country, before the national shut down, before the mini revolution that captured the attention and minds of all the citizens of the world. She had been anxious, expectant and happy that she was going to live her dreams as an entrepreneur in her home country where she would be accepted and no one would comment on her accent and she wouldn’t have to tell everyone the story of how she had lived on three continents.

Her jaw had dropped and tears had welled up in her eyes as she had read online and in newspapers of how people had been killed and how several others had taken to the streets, even in the high brow areas that were oblivious to the plight of the ordinary citizens. She had watched clips of videos on how concerned and upset citizens of her country in diaspora had gone to disrupt meetings that had been set up by some corrupt politicians from her country. They had wasted tax payer’s money and flown first class to the States to have a meeting on the current crisis in her country. The concerned citizens disrupted the meeting and gave them a tip of the iceberg of what would follow should the corrupt officials come for such meetings again or any meeting. The corrupt officials had acted like they could not understand the reason for such civil disobedience and called police officials on them. The concerned citizens had queried the officials and questioned them, asking, “How can you come to the home of civil rights and liberty and expect to be unchallenged?”

She had passed up several opportunities and she also remembered how she had proudly declared that she would be going home, this wasn’t the Country that she knew, the Country that boasts of intellectuals, agricultural resource and then the oil boom or should we rather say “Oil doom” now having bombings up and down and everywhere.

Her phone rang, it was her mother, “Mum, all these happenings are making me sad, why are all these things happening? a church just got bombed!” Her mum took a deep breath and said,”My dear, it is really sad, you should see the state of the Nation, people are hungry and tired, everybody is tired, people are coming out for the rally, and for the first time in the Country, the rallies are peaceful and everybody is standing up for the same cause. “The militants are not backing down with the bombings occurring everywhere; disgruntled politicians are seizing the opportunity to attack the government by causing anarchy. Don’t worry my dear she said, the good Lord will direct your steps, keep all your options open, explore all opportunities and stay positive. He will also protect us at home and keep us safe.”

There was a long pause on the telephone, she looked up at the wall directly adjacent to her and read a message on the canvas she had hung up when she had moved into her apartment a year ago, it read, “ Let The Lights Lead You Home”.

– Thots Abi