After The Wedding

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Tara felt a little bit uncomfortable sitting beside Morenike Thomas. She placed the letter on the side table in between her and Morenike and looked straight into her eyes, searching for answers to this lady’s quest. Morenike seemed at ease, she smiled at Tara and broke the ice,

“You have a beautiful home here” She said looking around the room.  “Thank you Morenike, my parents home actually”. Tara corrected.

Morenike answered, “Oh! you can call me Nikky”

Just before Tara could ask her politely why she was paying her a visit, Nikky started,

“I met Bimps during a business meeting”, Tara knew right there that Bimpe and Nikky were more than business associates as Bimps was Bimpe’s pet name and one that only close friends had the privilege of calling her. Tara watched closely as Nikky told the story of how she had met Bimps. As she spoke, her beautifully manicured fingers gesticulated her thoughts. She was about the same complexion as Tara, brown-skinned with an hour-glass shape. Her dress accentuated her curves, even while seated, Tara could see that she was nicely shaped. Tara couldn’t wait for her to get pass the introduction and get to the real reason why she was at her home. Nikky’s next statement was as though she had read her mind,

“I met with Bimps two years ago for a business dissolution and she ended up staying in my life as a trusted friend. I was dissolving a business I once had with David Ade”. As Nikky mentioned David’s name, Tara’s heart did cartwheels, back flip and somersaulted at the same time. She was guessing that Nikky had some affiliation with David but was hoping it would be business or some other trivial relationship, definitely not romance. She wanted to talk but could not, she felt as though she was tongue-tied. She froze and was scared to say anything that would deter this messenger of peace or war to retract her mission, so she listened as Nikky continued, oblivious of the commotion going on in Tara’s mind,

“I was madly in love with David and had been involved in a project that he was passionate about. I had invested in the project, much to David’s objection. The project was very lucrative and as an investor, I was hopeful that the project would be a good take off for my personal project as they were both towards the same course, which was to decrease mortality rates for pregnant women in poverty-stricken Countries”. Nikky looked at Tara and extended her hands to her as if to see if she was in agreement with her, Tara choked on her saliva and forced her voice to squeak out a yes at the same time nodding her head in agreement. Nikky then continued, “To cut the long story short, David disagreed and wanted his project to run its course. He made me feel inferior to his whole mission and purpose, he made me feel like I wasn’t a part of the whole project and that my investment had been a total waste”. As she said this, her eyes narrowed and Tara could see a sadness descending on her but she quickly shrugged her shoulders and continued,

“I was angry and I acted foolishly, I pulled out my investment and requested for a dissolution of the business. David had pleaded with me but I was adamant on dissolving the business. I set up my own project immediately, even though I knew it would hurt him, I didn’t care as I was hurt. I carried this bitterness around with me for about a year until I found peace shortly after meeting my present husband. It was then I had the courage to go ahead to dissolve the business finally and it wasnt until then I realised that after my request for the dissolution, David had donated his earnings from his business to my new business venture”. Tara could see remorse and guilt all over Nikky’s face and she was touched. She wanted to reach out and touch her hands to acknowledge her feelings but cautioned herself.

Nikky continued, “I reached out to him after I realised how magnanimous he had been despite my horrible attitude but he sent me an email, bringing me to the realisation that we weren’t spiritual partners and that there was no way that a union with me and him would work. We were both driven by different things and were at different points in our lives. David is a visionary leader, a man of integrity, I am glad that I had a relationship with him as I learnt a lot. My relationship with him helped to develop my personality, added values to my life and helped shape my business.  I am happily married and also a mother now ,” She immediately reached for her clutch purse and brought out a small picture from her wallet. Tara saw a cute little boy of about two years old and a handsome man standing next to Nikky in the picture. The picture brought tears to Tara’s eyes. She looked away from the picture and looked at Nikky and could see joy and pride all over her as she continued, “I tell my husband that he needs to thank David as that relationship helped me appreciate every single thing that I have been blessed with.” She looked straight at Tara and repeated, ” I have truly been blessed, unfortunately, I havent set my eyes on him since the split to express my gratitude and apology for a rough break up.

Recently, I spoke with Bimps and I had told her that I would be coming to Nigeria with my family to celebrate my parent’s wedding anniversary and she mentioned that you are friends with him and might be able to deliver my heartfelt feelings to him and also inform him that there will be a dinner hosted by the World Health Organization at the Oriental Hotel tomorrow to honour my project and its contribution. My husband and I would like for him to receive it”

Tara felt as though she were in a daze, she was expecting an expose, something that would make her confirm her fears. She actually had an epiphany, coming to the realization that she was scared of getting married to David not because he was bad or evil. She was scared because she hadn’t been with someone with such drive and passion as his; it was also common sense that if she had, she probably would have been married to the person. At this point, Tara was teary eyed, she felt weak, weak from the wave of emotions that had been surging through her. She gathered her voice and reached for Nikky’s hands with Nikky’s hands in hers, she said,

“David and I will be getting married on that day. Before today, I had my fears, but you coming here and sharing this with me has made me more resolved that this wedding will indeed take place” Nikky’s jaw dropped and Tara could see her eyes light up “congratulations Tara!” Nikky said as she smiled and beamed. Both of them held hands as Nikky kaughed and Tara sobbed both oblivious of the fact that Tara’s parents had been listening to the conversation all the while as the visitors lounge had mini microphone in all its corners enabling the rest of the rooms the privilege of hearing conversations in the room.

– Thots Abi