Kosibah Creations II

The Bride

Pic. Credit: Kosibah Creations



She got off the phone with smiles plastered on her face. As she rose from her seat, and took a glance at the wedding dress, reality beamed at her. Her smile froze and quickly turned into a frown. He had done it again, made her thoughts vanish and make her mind be filled with only his thoughts. Tara walked up and down her bedroom wondering how she so readily allowed him to get into her mind and manipulate her thoughts. She wondered why at the end of the conversation when he had asked her for what it was she wanted to talk to him about she muttered timidly, “nothing dear”. As she thought deeper, seeking meaning to their interaction, she heard a knock on her door.

“Yes who is it?” She yelled, upset that someone was interrupting her line of thought. One of the household maids walked into her bedroom and stood and the door. Tara beckoned at her to walk in. The young lady slipped her feet off her slippers and approached Tara with a note in hand. Tara opened the note and read in astonishment, the note the maid had handed over to her was the visitors note that their guests filled while waiting at the visitors lounge. What amazed Tara was the name on the note, it was beautifully handwritten in cursive lettering. Wondering why she would be receiving such guests on the eve of her wedding day, she threw on her robe and the maid vanished from her sight out of Tara’s bedroom and into the rest of the mansion. Tara knew the maid was going to be alerting her mother that she was receiving visitors, which was against her mothers wish as they wanted to keep the wedding a private one and the less visitors she saw the better.

As she walked out of her bedroom towards the visitors lounge she wondered why Bimpe, her childhood friend would send her a visitor without informing her. Tara wondered who the visitor was and why the visitor would be coming so early to see her. Bimpe was Tara’s friend from their primary school days, they had continued with their friendship into their adult years and kept progress on each other. Bimpe was in the United States practising law and they kept in touch mostly by telephone. When Tara started dating David, she didn’t mention it to Bimpe but Bimpe had noticed the difference in Tara and had commented it over the telephone,

“Tara, why are you sounding so withdrawn?” When she waited a couple of seconds without any answer from  Tara, she had continued,

“I believe that you have settled down back into our culture at home, is everything fine?” Tara tried as much as she could to liven up but she knew that she had been busted by her friend. She had her reasons for not telling her about David and how her doubts were weighing her down. She would not have mentioned a word about him now if her dear friend hadn’t sensed something was wrong; trying to divert Bimpe’s thinking, she had said.

“Well, i met a guy and…” Right before she could continue, Bimpe screamed, “Thank you Lord!!!!!!!!!, yay!!!!!!!!! you finally found someone who could match your eccentric reasoning and behaviour!” They had both laughed out loud on the phone and Bimpe had prayed with her. They both called each other eccentric as there could be no other reason they thought for them both being single in their late 30’s. When David proposed, Tara had chosen to keep mute about the whole wedding, informing only her parents who had decided to also keep it quiet and invite only family and close family members. Guilt however, didn’t give Tara a rest of mind and she had told her dear friend via Facebook mail that she was getting married and it was a quiet affair. Bimpe had replied telling her that she was not at ease with the mail and would be praying for her. She asked no questions and kept mute, no phone call, no mails, no form of communication whatsoever, until this morning. The guest note had read,

“Morenike Thomas, a friend of Bimpe Phillips with a message for Omotara Long”.

Tara walked into the visitors lounge and saw a beautiful lady, dressed in a cream peplum dress seated on the chair. As Tara walked in, the lady stood up from the chair, and walked towards Tara, stretching out her hand she said,

“Hello, I am Morenike Thomas, Bimpe’s friend” She  was taller than Tara, about 5ft 9″, she looked like a decent lady, spoke with an american accent and had a smile on her face. Tara accepted her hand shake and smiled back,

“I am Tara and you are most welcome” as she spoke, she beckoned for her to be seated. Morenike handed Tara a note with Bimpe’s handwriting and it said,

                 “Dear Tara,

                  I hope this is not too late, I met this lady by chance.

                  She has a story that you should hear.

                  I remain your faithful friend,     


What would follow was a conversation that would define Tara for the rest of her life.

Thots Abi