Happy Bride

Pic. Credit: Kosibah Creations


She rolled over to her left side, still not satisfied with the feel of comfort, she tossed to her right. After almost fifteen minutes of tossing and turning with no relief, Omotara sat up on her bed. She held on to the edges of her coverlet at each side of her waist with her nails digging in and stared into the blank space ahead of her. It was the eve of her wedding and she was petrified, this didn’t feel like the normal feeling that a bride should have she thought. Her mind had been racing back and forth, contemplating on the possibilities of the wedding being cancelled and its aftermath. There was no way she could sleep, her soul was troubled; here she was about to exchange vows with the one man that she had known for just a couple of months.


David had swept her off her feet and she had been mesmerised. He was the perfect model of how a gentleman should be, in every aspect. Every day with him was a surprise, some way somehow, he had a way of drawing her into his mind and keeping her there with no worries in the world. He would tell her about his dreams and about how their future would be and how he would conquer the world with her beside him. He was the Knight in shinning armour that she had heard her girlfriends talk about; one that would sweep them off their feet and provide for them. David was that and a whole lot more, he was capable of providing for her and their new family were she to go ahead and marry him. His family had welcomed her with open arms and her parents were happy. This was their dream come true, their beautiful british educated daughter getting married to one of the eligible bachelors in the Country.


Tara could picture her mothers traditional head-gear on the day of the traditional wedding, high and gorgeous, a perfect tiara for the happy mother. Theirs would be a beautiful wedding, one found in story books. The picture was perfect, there were no surprises, she knew within her heart that cupid had done her well and matched her with a good man but she felt something was just not right. She dug deep within the inner most corners of her heart and knew that with this romance her heart hadn’t skipped a beat when she saw him, her heart skipped two; she didn’t doubt him like she doubted her other lovers. She was lost with him, that was her fear, her fear was that she would lose herself to him. She had already started loosing herself. She was merging her dreams with his and she was looking for some balance, some reasoning to why she was going crazy.


Tara got off her bed to walk to the sitting area of her bedroom, convinced that she had to make the bold step and put her mind to rest. She took a quick glance at her wedding dress hanging by the pelmet of her window curtain. Beautiful and graceful, the wedding dress designer had put his energy and creativity to carve out a masterpiece for her body. Unperturbed, she walked to her ottoman, sat on it and picked up the telephone and just as she was about to dial David’s number, his call came in, shocked, she picked up the call.

“David” She answered, in a soft and solemn voice,

“Tara” He replied, “I am so glad you picked up the phone, I thought you might still be sleeping”. His voice was tender, almost caressing her soul, she was lost again in his voice and wondered what he had to say. At that moment, all she lived and breathed for was to listen to him, the love of her life.