Once again, I have been MIA. My sincere apologies, I promise to make it up, one way or the other. I would like to share a conversation that I had sometime last year with a friend. I hope that this inspires or entertains you all.

Follow your Dreams

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I had a conversation with an intellectual the other day. I had gotten carried away with myself and I told him some of my goals, dreams and ambition; I also told him about some of my ideas and strategies of achieving them. I can never forget the look on his face when I was done with my story telling. He shook his head from side to side and took a sip of his drink. He was quiet for a couple of minutes and I was smiling, convinced that I had once again blown his mind away. With a fixed stare at me, he spoke,
“I worry for you; I am deeply concerned that you are not dreaming sensibly”. I felt insulted but kept quiet, eager for him to support his theory of my madness. I looked at him questionably, waiting for his reasons. He didn’t fail me as he started to explain why he was worried that I was preparing myself for an apparent doom.
“You are dreaming too big! How can you think that you can sit and dream like that? Do you know how certain famous people built their empire? They didn’t start big, they started small. You are dreaming too big and aiming too high. When you do so you will put too much of stress on your psyche and you will eventually break down” As this intellectual spoke, I watched him closely and I could see that every vein visible in his neck was strained, he spoke passionately about his views on my dreams and his sensible conclusion of my madness. He paused in between to sip on his drink, at some point; I started to believe that the drink was a fuel for his words.
I listened to each and every word he presented to me, served on a plate of “his” life experience and dished with his doses of personal disappointments. The more he spoke; I could tell that his views were formed based on his own interpretation of my dreams. At some point, I feared for his vocal chords and the alcohol content in his bloodstream considering the fact that he was driving home; I interjected him.
“With all due respect, my intention is not to offend you but to explain to you why you will not see my goals and ambition as realistic”. I started, with every intention to keep it brief and simple.
“Firstly, every little thing that I have accomplished started with a dream. As ridiculous as each goal sounded at the time of conception, God has made it possible and achievable. Hence I have come to the notion that if I don’t dream it, it doesn’t happen. Secondly, you mention that I dream big, unfortunately, I can’t curtail, amend or structure my dreams. If my dream decides to spread itself out of present reasonable proportion, let it spread. Thirdly, I appreciate your wise words, however, you telling me not to dream is telling me not to live. If I spend time limiting my dreams or editing my dreams then what is left for life to do?
“I dream without borders, I dream without fear, I dream without restrictions. Some dreams make it to reality, others die in dreamland”
My purpose for writing this is to encourage and inspire everyone to please keep dreaming. No one else has to see the vision, as long as you see it, that’s all that counts, it’s “your” dream. When the time comes, others will see it too…………….. thots Abi  🙂

Walt Disney on Dreams

Walt Disney on Dreams

Pic. Credit: http://www.yahoo.com