African Warrior

African Warrior

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This was a set up and a terrible one at that; the last time he had been in a battle  was several years ago, how could he do this now? Angry, vexed in spirit and ready to let out steam, Makinde turned to go and meet his father to simply give him a piece of his mind. As Makinde turned, he faced the strong, wide and intimidating chest of his father. ‘I believe you were coming to meet me’ Ajaguna said ‘Yes papa’ started Makinde, ‘I don’t want to believe what is going on here today, how come you have put these clothes on my bed now?’

‘Are you asking for the significance of the clothes or are you asking for the details of the event?’ Ajaguna asked his son with a strong air of authority that would have intimidated any living being. Makinde was intimidated by his father but he was not going to give in easily.

Taking a deep breath, Makinde continued, ‘Papa I know these are combat clothes, why have you placed them on my bed?’

‘Makinde, you have a match today in the next 3 hours. I received a message from the Head that a battle match would be held to honour you’, then as if to place emphasis on the significance of the event he rephrased, ‘It is being held in your honour’

Walking around the room like his feet was on fire, Makinde continued, ‘Papa I am not in the right frame of health, or mind to be in a battle. I just arrived here on holiday and I am still adjusting to the change in environment and this isn’t prepared for’. Ajaguna moved slowly behind his son, listening to his words and watching his demeanour.

‘My son, you were born into this lineage not by chance or happen stance, you were selected and anointed by the gods of the land. Eledumare gave you to me and your mother. We are not to dictate to them who should have the gift or who shouldn’t. I am not asking you to combat today, the gods have been consulted and they have chosen today as the day of the battle, and you have been authorised to be in the battle’.

‘Papa I am a Christian now and all these gods have no meaning to me’. Ajaguna looked like he just swallowed a bitter pill, ‘Be it so, has your God asked you not to engage in battle today?’ Reluctantly, Makinde answered, ‘No and he hasn’t asked me to’. ‘Meaning?’ asked Ajaguna, staring into his son’s eyes, searching for clues, for further explanation. As he stared, he prayed to his gods that western civilization had not eroded the fear, respect and honour for the powerful historical lineage he had been entrusted to and had instilled in his son.

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*Eledumare = Yoruba word for God*