The Good Life

The Good Life by Aaron Jasinski

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It was a cold night, not too cold but cold enough for me to wear my jacket and put a scarf around my neck. I had closed from work and he had told me that he had a friend that I ought to meet; he had sounded so sure of himself. I had laughed it off, I didn’t think I would like you but I was open to meeting new friends.

No one had done the introduction and I was eager to make acquaintance with you, eager to talk to you, converse with you and “get to know you”.

“Hello, my name is Sarah”, I said, extending my wrist to shake yours; You brought out yours and replied “Lewter”. I had taken a good look at you earlier on as I stepped into the room and one look at you had done it for me. I was taken; you had me right from the first look.

I served myself a plate and being polite, friendly and nice to you, I held the serving spoon in one hand and an empty plate in another and asked,  “Would you like me to fix you a plate?” Typical of you, you looked at me and said, “No, but you could fix me a drink instead” Hilarious I thought, a complete stranger offering you some kindness and there you go abusing it,

“Well I offered to fix you a plate not a drink, so if you want a drink I suggest you fix it yourself” Right there, the sparks started flying, we all laughed it off, your friend, my friend, you and I. 

I had noticed your complexion and build, just as I like it. Your smile left me breathless each time you smiled. You were so funny, every conversation resulted in laughter and I wondered if it was just the mere thought of sitting right beside you that made me so giddy with laughter or the fact that the conversations were actually funny.  I laughed so hard and it is quite a miracle that I wasn’t gasping for breath after.

Dinner went well, we had Famous Dave, and I had just bits n pieces of my meal.  I was happy and highly excited, there was no way I could laugh and hold my food down while appreciating the wonderful art of God’s creation that you were modelling. I was listening to you and your friend talk, looking at your luscious lips, the gap right at the center of your upper set of teeth;  all making you look so sexy. I observed each and everything about you. It was looking too good to be true.

I got to realise from our conversation that night that you had been engaged to be married but at the tail end, you had both broken it off. I was glad for a minute that you didn’t make a commitment that would have made this day impossible, this special day with me meeting you and sharing this time and space with you. but then the thought of you sad and lonely made me very sad and I had expressed concern.

“I’m sorry to hear about that” I had said and you said nothing but looked right through me.