I like to imagine, day dream…..you can actually call it anything you will. I just love to go into a world of fantasy and make-believe, where anything and everything can happen. Anything can trigger this make-believe world….. I fell into  a world of fantasy yesterday and found myself in crush land….. well, I brought some memories from there and decided to share a bit of it with you….

                                                                                   I have a crush on a famous rapper
                                                                                  Born in Queens, home of Kings
                                                                                  King by nature; King in stature
                                                                                  My Street King Rapper started hustling
                                                                                  Sparring or selling he had to make it
                                                                                  Get rich now or keep on trying
                                                                                   Time for change you braced yourself
                                                                                   Changed your game and then your name
                                                                                   Tough by nature; King in battle
                                                                                    I have a crush on a King Street Rapper
                                                                                   Toughened by life, hardened with ambition
                                                                                   My Street King Rapper, World Known Rapper
                                                                                    His heart so big he wins me over
                                                                                    Over and Over, I can’t stop crushing
                                                                                   My Street King Rapper is feeding a Nation
                                                                                   Feeding the minds of hungry youths
                                                                                   Correcting the fallacy he helped create
                                                                                  I really don’t know My Street King Rapper
                                                                                  I have bits and pieces of my day dreaming
                                                                                  Its time to leave this sweet crush land 😦
                                                                                  I had a crush on My Street King Rapper   

Thots Abi 🙂 🙂

Can you guess who?!