The Emphyrean

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The day was June 26, 1999, Robert had run into a lady while running into the gym, he mumbled his apologies while he went ahead without even turning to look at who he had bumped into. He got into the gym right on the dot of time and he was very excited, his date, a young beautiful lady that he had met a couple of months before at his friend’s birthday party had given him a tough time agreeing to a date with him. He had tried everything possible to get a date with her but she had proven difficult, as luck would have it, one day, he got lucky and she agreed to a date. This was their fourth date and he was going to make this the second to the last before she would say yes to an exclusive relationship. He had it all mapped out, now that he could tell to a large extent how her mind worked.

He looked around the part of the gym and there was no one else there, just him and a couple of staff members getting the indoor rock ready for climbing. He tried to get the attention of one of the guys working, he walked towards the group of men and raised his voice a little higher than normal,

” Excuse me, has there been any lady by the name of Tammy here yet?” the two guys looked at each other, shook their heads and replied, “We just opened and you are the first person here”.

Robert smiled, happy that she hadn’t been there yet; it wasn’t unusual for her to have been there earlier than planned. It had been a hell of a chase and he had enjoyed it, she made him chase her and that itself was some good work out. He smiled and thought about how he had always wanted to chase a woman and the joy he derived from eventually making a tough woman fall head over heels in love with him, it was as much as a high he used to have after every fight.

Just as he was looking at the indoor rock they would soon be climbing, a lady walked in, dressed in a pair of black three-quarters workout out pants and a grey tank top. She was probably the most gorgeous woman who Robert had ever seen. She was about 5 ft. 9 inches tall with an athletic build, she had her hair braided and tied up in a bun right at the center of her head, revealing her long neck. She was a beauty to behold; she walked over, to the two guys at the other end of the gym. Rob’s gaze followed her frame as she stopped and spoke with the two gym workers and he was mesmerized. He couldn’t get over the way her caramel skin glowed under the lights of the space of the gym, the glow led Robert’s eyes all over her body until his gaze landed on her face, he took a good look at her lips and he watched the shape of the curve of her lips as she spoke with the two men. He stood there looking at this beautiful being, losing his thoughts for a bit longer than normal until he heard someone sounding from a far distance speak to him.