She stepped outside wrapped up. She had been well-informed that it would be a windy day, in these parts, the wind carried a lot of dust with it. She had rummaged through her drawer of scarves and eventually settled for the dark one. She didn’t want any dirt on her other scarves, especially not on this trip as they all reminded her of something or some one, she had a sentimental attachment to each scarf except the black scarf, she tried to remember where she had bought it from or who had given her but her memory failed her.

She had barely walked for a minute when her face got slapped with the rush of wind, she quickly brought out her two hands and held them up to her face. She held the tips of the scarf on either side of her face tightly, to protect the effect of the wind and the sand it carried with it from her face. It seemed to help a little and the only part of her that was left exposed to the elements were her most prized part, her eyes.

She looked ahead of her, it was windy and the weather was dull. It was too late to turn back and she stepped on, trusting only her eyes.

Thots Abi


I was on and I was inspired by this picture. It’s a beautiful piece with a thousand stories to it. The artist Ray Ferrer, specialises in stencils on canvas, walls and your platform of choice……. beautiful art pieces……..Please check the blog out ….. you will be inspired…..!