Pic. Credit: www.shirtoid.com


                                                                                My Words I speak to heal you,

                                                                               My arms I stretch to embrace you,

                                                                               My time with you I cherish

                                                                               Your time with me…..bliss………..   🙂


Words are powerful, its effect are beyond measures and the outcome of this effect varies. There are different ways that we can communicate, I belong to the school of thought that actions speak louder than words and at the same time, there are emotions that only words can express. Choose your words wisely, they can break a heart, speak your words clearly they can mend a broken heart.

If I could go back in time with hindsight, I would have changed my choice of words in displaying certain emotions, in some cases,


Instead of using the word “friend”,  I would have used “acquaintance”

Instead of  saying  “I’m in love with you” I would have said “I like you very much”

Instead of saying, “I hate / dislike you” I would have said ” You are not likeable to me right now”



As mouthful as alternate choice of words could be, the reason we find them cumbersome / awkward is because we are not familiar with using the words often; I for one, I’m guilty of this. Most certainly, with practice comes perfection.

Choose wisely, talk smartly, live longer.

– Thots Abi