Vessel of Time

Lens Mug

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I drink from my vessel of time as I read from the book of wisdom.

I wish I could go back in time, to capture every moment and freeze every action

My wish is to go back in time, to carry my tool for freezing and capture the moments of action

The moments I search now but find not, in person and as a dreamer

The moments I failed then to capture with my vessel of time

My present is only a weapon for me to better my future, to read from the book of wisdom

To better my early tomorrow.



My vessel of time is ageless, armed with the lens to capture, filled with the pictures of wisdom

The present is empty and full, filled with our hopes and dreams, void with the wisdom of years

My tool I use to capture, to capture and freeze the moments that now is the present

and soon becomes tomorrow.

And all I have to cherish are moments with you and others, before today is tomorrow

As I drink from my vessel of time.


– Thots Abi describes their art as making mugs that are “unbelievably realistic Nikon and Canon Camera Lens Mugs” ……. get one and drink from the vessel of time……can’t wait to get one!  🙂