Its been a while now…. my sincere apologies, my mum is around and she has taken over all my time!…. not good excuse I know, but I am glad to be back. I have been writing all the while though, in my head…. 🙂

Well, I have had a line in my mind and it keeps repeating itself over and over again…… “I have Milan on my wrist and New York in my bag…..” I even made a song and a rap out of it!!! Awkward…yeah…. thanks to, I am a big fan of, Pharrell William’s new channel, I consider it a life channel… awesome…and Awkward Black Girl, Issa Rae…… if you havent checked it out yet please do and do it fast! cos the new season starts on the 14th of June………  🙂

Well, in commemoration of Awkward Black Girl’s new season, and following’s theme, I will be identifying awkward moments  have experienced or observed others experiencing…hmmmm …… hope I remember with all that I have going on in my head……..

So, this is the object of my inspiration for my song and rap….

Milan Metro Cuff

Milan Metro Cuff

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  I got Milan on my wrist and my mind is on the clock

     The train is moving fast and I have to catch the ride

    My plane is in an hour, my clock is ticking slowly

           Cordusio, Giola, how do I connect? Circles, dashes,

        Oh My! How do I connect?

I got Milan on my wrist and I have to catch the train.

Thots – Abi.