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This sounds simple, most times, you forget about it right after reading or saying it. I will repeat this again, for the purpose of repetition as learning experts have attested to the power of repetition in learning; there is Strength in Staying True!  🙂  I smile about it now but I didn’t years ago, I didn’t know the meaning of staying true in my primary school days, I didn’t even understand the meaning of my actions then. One thing I know for sure is that as young and naïve as I was in primary school, I loved to have a pencil and a piece of paper with me; no, I wasn’t a good artist, my brother usurped all the illustrative artistic skills, 😦 . I just scribbled, as I scribbled; I would imagine and take myself anywhere and everywhere. I would draw lines and shapes and with each strike of the pencil on the paper, I was taking myself on an adventure.

As I grew older, the scribbling turned into words, at some point in high school, I wanted to quit and go to an arts school to concentrate squarely on my writing skills. That marked the beginning of fighting my demons, the entrance of the big scary dragon; at that point, what I didn’t realize then was that my passion for writing was overcoming my sense of reasoning. Even if I wanted to pursue a writing career, I needed to have an educational background. I graduated from high school and the next stage being college, I wasn’t true to myself as I didn’t indicate my desire for making writing a career.  I simply believed as I had been told that if I wasn’t an engineer, doctor, pharmacist or accountant, I couldn’t make a decent living. I wasn’t true to myself. I would wake up and the thought of writing would bring a smile to my face and make me want to get up and start writing, every kid I went to high school with had at some point had come across my writing. Eventually, I earned the nick name, “weirdo nerdo”. I knew I wasn’t like the other kids because I loved to write and had a strong liking for the arts but to be given a “title” as such to me then was to be labeled a “social misfit”. There couldn’t be a blank piece of paper lying anywhere around me, I just had to write!

Then, the dragon came in again, this time, in college. I was on the verge of changing my major from accounting to theatre arts, or mass communication, I just couldn’t stand not staying true to myself. It was killing me. A picture of the outcome was all I could see and I retreated from making my life more blissful. Being part of two anthologies later still didn’t deter my mission to stay untrue to myself. I had to end the battle with the dragons, I stopped writing. Thots would come into my head, phrases, pictures, characters, and I would refuse to pen them. I was staying untrue to myself, killing my dream, my desire. I didn’t realize that staying untrue to myself was me moving far from God and far from my purpose, I was acting out of character, the sad part is that the surest way to err is to act out of character. Acting out of character takes any individual out of their regular or natural rhythm of flow. Decisions made thereafter do not indicate the actual thot pattern or show the individuals character. What I failed to realize was the fact that even though I wasn’t penning down my thoughts, my mind was / is building them up. I got used to my new pattern of living and started to make myself believe that writing was a “thing” that I had experienced, a “phase” that I had to pass through.

Several years after, three degrees after, heartaches after, several laurels after, I thought I had successfully put my writing years behind me,  I would run into old friends and the first question after pleasantries would be,

“Do you still write?” I would smile and answer in a way not to indicate failure by saying no and just say, “There is so little time to do so” with the hope that we would move on to another subject, but no! I would end up getting words of encouragement and ……………. My siblings, God bless them, would ask me from time to time and I would just shrug it off, my sister spent a lengthy time encouraging me, and my brother would drop it hard, mincing no words. I thank you, Mikulee!!!!!Barbie!!!!!!!!! Bless you both!!!!!!!!!!  🙂

So, have I been true to myself? NO…NO….NO…NO…NO…NO…I haven’t, unfortunately, I haven’t. However, I will start to stay true to myself, I use myself here as an example, because only me can talk about me the way I do, what others see is the image I create for them to see. This I believe is the same for everyone out there, yes, you inclusive. For every one that doesn’t act true to their innate desire, the lives that we are meant to touch, the changes that we are meant to make in this world will take a different route, things will go on…. Yes, Life continues, but how do you feel? Fulfilled? Well staying true guarantees even a more fulfilled feeling.  It’s a natural high. As I encourage myself and embark on this journey, I plead with you to look within and ask yourself,

“Have I been true to myself?”

Henceforth, I will continue writing; there is no stopping me now, nothing, absolutely nothing. Watch this space! ……………………………thots: M.A.S

 Aces: Inspirational Quotes

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

~Thots of Mark Twain

“Try to discover  The road to success

And you’ll seek but never find,

But blaze your own path

And the road to success

Will trail right behind.”

~ Thots of Robert Brault

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