Hello all! I am trying to get into the habit of publishing posts on my blog, please pardon me, it’s early in the game and all very new to me, I promise you that I shall get better with each post. Its Memorial Day weekend and I have had some time to discover new blogs and I am learning more about everything art related, it’s so exciting!…. the task before me though, is putting my knowledge into thots and showing you all my inspiration, I have so much to write but I have promised myself I will not make any other post as lengthy as the first post, it was indeed lengthy… My inspiration for today’s post comes from lamp shades, its made me think about how we all knowingly and unknowingly hide ourselves and have a shade around certain behavioural traits and dont even realise it. Others do and most dont even remember the shade is on. This post is one therapy i have put myself through and i am determined to continue to do so…. i pray i remember….lets all loose the shades while remembering that a true friend is one that knows our good and bad traits and still loves us regardless… as someone wise once said…..M.A.S

                             Pic.Credit: http://www.shadesoflight.com


……..I feel exposed, now she knows I wonder what next, I need to cover my true self, shield the real me from coming out. I need a shade for the fear of rejection, what if you don’t like me, the real me? The real me true in all its forms, with my mood swings and tender heart.

The reason for shielding baffles you right? I need a shade for all the days in all the months in the year; a shade from shinning too bright, a shade from showing my doubts, maybe two for shielding my fear of failing.

I need these shades in all colors, colors of the rainbow, bring me some, bring me all. Shades for fear; shades for shielding me from the real me and you from seeing it………….Thots of: Moji Abi. S.

I wonder if i am alone with these thots? Do you sometime feel the need to protect yourself from being too open? being too honest, being too vain; i sometimes feel the need to conform and then i’ve realised over time that that is the greatest injustice i could do to myself. Reason is, the moment i start to act out of character, is the moment i have the shades on. So please, lets all loose our shades and stay true to our selves. What are your thots?