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Sarah starred at the entire room, from the main point of entry, perplexed. This wasn’t the surprise that she had been expecting, gathering herself together, she walked round the room, her eyes dancing all around it, trying to take the view in all at once. Her children had outdone themselves this time around. It was quite a stunner, she thought, She walked through the length and breadth of the room, taking each view in carefully. The flow of energy from one space to the other was smooth, seamless and remarkable.  Any viewer of her life, friend or acquaintance that walked into the room would know that it wasn’t just a palette of beautiful colors and objects; it was a collage of her life with each space taking her on a journey down memory lane.

A portion of the home office had a brick wall with different shades of brown on two sides that housed the window, which was the singular port of entry for natural light into the room, the color of the brick the same as the council flat she had lived in Victoria in London in the seventies. She projected her slender frame closer to the wall so that she could place her right wrist on the wall and let her fingers feel the texture of the brick, with her knuckles arched up in preparation for the rough coarseness of the bricks, she moved her fingers up and down a selected portion of the wall and found out that it was smooth, no bumps or grit like feeling against her fingers; she realized then, that it was wall paper covering. Smiling at the pleasant surprise, she continued walking towards the middle of the room, away from the wall, as she did; she admired the lacquer table, right in the middle of the room. The table was painted in high gloss lacquer, a shade that looked like a mixture of pink and purple, it definitely added life to the room. That had been the color of her bridesmaids on her wedding day, a day that would always be one of the most memorable days of her life. On one side of the table, were two accent chairs sitting side by side with tufted backs and nail heads along their sides, the back of each chair was covered in Ikat prints in the shades of purple, brown and cream, while the outer part of the chair was covered in cream canvas cotton. She walked away from the table, towards the shelves that housed her law articles; the shelves were painted in mustard, a deep glossy mustard color, same shade as the curtains that adorned the windows, same as the color of the bottom trimming of the wall painting, same also as the color of the dress she had worn on the day she had graduated from Law school.

At this point, she was overwhelmed with emotion; her knees felt like they would buckle under her, she knew it wasn’t from her weight, as her knees were sturdy. She was getting weak from the thoughts that ran through her mind. she slowly reached for one the chairs, pulled it out towards her and sat on it. Here she was, glad that she had reached a golden age of sixty years with good health and a sound mind. Her two children were the most excited and had gone to all lengths to celebrate her birthday, the first had been a paid trip to the Maldives and here she was a day back from a wonderful holiday and her home office had been remodeled. It wasn’t the funds that had been expended on all of the gifts that made her so sad, it was the fact that she had her plans already for her day, she had decided to go to Africa, to teach in the East of Africa for a year and had just conversed with the Vice Chancellor of the University during her vacation, he had assured her that the University was looking forward to having her, especially its Law Faculty. All that had been her plan before she had gotten back from her trip and her daughter had told her that after fifteen years of marriage she was finally pregnant and would need her mother’s care since her husband who was serving in the Army had been redeployed out of the Country.

Since she sat close to the entry door she could hear music filtering through, and could also tell that their guests had started arriving; Pamela, her daughter had told her to explore the room while their guests arrived. She had wanted her to view the room before anyone else. She could hear Stevie Wonder’s ‘Happy Birthday” playing in the background, their family theme songs for all their birthdays, she smiled, thinking how funny it is acts that culminate into tradition. She wondered how she could turn down the opportunity to lecture in one of Africa’s finest Universities after almost all the documentation had been completed; she also battled with her innate desire to be a pillar of strength for her daughter when she had shared her joy of expectancy with her right from the airport upon her arrival. Tears welled up in her eyes and she suddenly realized the type writer at the edge of her table, she moved towards it and could see that there was a paper in it that had been typed, just as she was about to read it, she heard a knock on the door……………………

**Please find below the “aces”, which are the items observed in the picture but not the same as those in the picture**

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  Aces of ‘The Birthday’ space


  1.  Brick like wall paper covering: http://totalwallcovering.com

  2.  Accent Chairs: http://www.overstock.com

  3.  Vintage Typewriter:  http://mytypewriter.comhttp://kasbahmod.com/

  4.  Gloss Paint: http://us.farrow-ball.com